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Historic Highlights

Compiled by Stuart Vaughan.

1906 (21 January)
The first church service of RUC was held in the Rossiter’s home in North Street, Illovo.

1906 (February)
The first premises were Rosebank Primary school. In October a one-acre stand was purchased in Rosebank (Cradock Ave). The Tin Tabernacle (20x30 foot iron structure) was the first home, costing a total of about £50.

1911 (21 June)
The 13 foundation members formed the RUC. Its interdenominational constitution gave it its unique characteristics.

1912 (23 February)
Rev W H Kinsey was inducted as the first full-time minister. Membership was about 40; Sunday School was about 50.

1919 (December)
Rev J E Ennals was inducted as minister of RUC.

1925 (1 December)
A new church building was opened. This building, called the Spanish church, was also known as the Lantern on the Skyline.

1931 (March)
The Tin Tabernacle was donated to the Baptist church in Alexandra.

Rev J L Green was inducted as minister.

Daughter churches were planted in Parkhurst, Northcliff, Ferndale and Sandown.

Rev Johnny Jonsson was appointed Assistant Pastor/Youth Worker. Under his leadership the youth ministry burgeoned.

Rev Gerald Griffiths was inducted as minister. He is remembered for his outstanding expository preaching.

1966 (August)
Rev Sydney Hudson-Reed was inducted as minister. He is remembered as a remarkable pastor.

1970 (July)
Monty Sholund was appointed Associate Pastor, with responsibility for Christian education, youth and music. All three of these thrived!

1972 (December)
Rosebank Bible College was launched under Monty Sholund.

1976 (October)
The Rosehaven Retirement Centre was opened in Hurlingham.

1977 (April)
The new RUC building in Rosebank (570- seater) plus the Bible college was opened.

1978 (14 May)
Rev Terry Rae was inducted as Senior Pastor. He is remembered for his evangelistic ministry.

1981 (October)
A Centre of Concern was established focusing on literacy.

RUC was partnered to Molopo Church in Mafikeng pastored by RBC student Ndaba Mazabane (now RUC Pastor for Community).

A Garden of Remembrance was established. The soil was later transported to the Hurlingham site.

1984 (August)
Rev Alf Niewoudt was appointed Counseling Pastor.

1990 (February)
RUC joined other religious organizations in expressing its disapproval of the system of apartheid in a letter to the State President, F W de Klerk.

1990 (February)
Rev Brian Harris became Principal of Rosebank Bible College.

1990 (January)
Rev Andrew van den Aardweg became interim pastor.

1990 (July)
Rev Ellis Andre was inducted as Senior Pastor. He is known for his expository preaching and strategic vision.

The RoseAct Ministry was established for supplementary education in Alexandra.

1992 (July)
Church membership totalled 742 people (excluding adherents).

A Counseling Centre was established.

The first annual session of The School for Christian Living was held.

1994 (June)
Rev William Colledge was inducted as Youth Pastor.

RUC’s giving to missionaries comprised 35% of its income.

1996 (17 September)
Rev Nelson Abraham was called to RUC.

The church property in Rosebank was sold to Total Oil.

Seven properties opposite Rosehaven in Hurlingham were bought simultaneously; RUC had a new home by God’s miraculous provision!

1997 (5 October)
The final service was held in the Rosebank venue. RUC services were held at the former Gereformeerde Kerk, Bordeaux, in the interim.

The Alpha course which provides an informal and relaxed way to introduce people to Christ was started at RUC by Rev Nelson Abraham.

1999 (27 November)
RUC held its first service in Hurlingham.

The bookshop, later to become known as Word on the Street, opened at RUC.

2001 (November)
Rev Doug Fell was appointed Student Pastor.

2004 (September)
Rev Leigh Robinson was inducted as Senior Pastor. His two-fold gift of exposition and communication geared to the average church member is ideally suited for the church as it seeks to grow, while remaining thoroughly Biblical.

RUC supports 18 full-time missionaries in various parts of the world.

2006 (21 January)
RUC marked its 100th birthday. Glory to God!

2006 (29 January)
Three Sunday services are offered: 08:00, 09:30 and 18:30.

2006 (July)
Rev Ndaba Mazabane was inducted as Pastor of Missions and Outreach. 2006 (August) Rev Dennis Beeselaar was appointed Pastor of Care at RUC.

2007 (January)
Rev Gerhard Venter became Pastor of Discipleship and Training.

2011 (January)
Pastor Justin Tamlin is inducted as our pastor of Worship & Arts.

2011 (February)
The XChange Centre for children and youth ministry is officially opened.

2012 (September)
The church council agrees to go ahead with a new church planting initiative in Parkhurst. Pastor Doug Fell is accepted as the pastor of the new church.