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Our Constitution

Clause 1

The members shall be those who profess repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, who are seeking to lead a consistent Christian life, and who have expressed a desire to become members of the said Union Church. Members of other Christian Churches may become members of the Union Church but all applications for membership shall be submitted to the Church Council. On the recommendation of two members, the name of each prospective member shall be published in the church bulletin for two weeks prior to a meeting of the church Council. Members may submit any objection in writing to the Pastors who will be obliged to bring the objection to the Church Council for investigation and decision.

Clause 2

Membership of the said Church need not necessarily mean a cancellation of existing membership of any other Christian Church.

Clause 3

The Holy Scriptures shall be the final authority in matters of faith and conduct and shall be read regularly at church services. The Ordinance of the Lord's Supper will be observed at such times as the Church Council hereinafter mentioned may agree upon. The question and mode of Baptism shall be left to the individual conscience of members, until such time as the name of the Church be changed as hereinafter provided for, when a Constitution on similar lines to those generally applicable to other Churches belonging to the Baptist Denomination in South Africa shall be adopted, and new Rules drawn up, if necessary.

Clause 4

The Government of the Church shall be in the hands of a Council composed of the full time Pastors, Elders and Deacons elected by the church membership from among their own number, in accordance with the provisions contained in the Rules of the Church. The Council shall have powers of co-option.

Clause 5

The cause shall be carried on as a Union Church until such time as a Resolution shall be passed by a four-fifths majority at a Special General Meeting of Church Members called in accordance with the Rules, requesting the Baptist Union of Southern Africa to change the name to "Baptist" Church. In the event of this circumstance arising the Baptist Union of Southern Africa shall be entitled to change the name from "Union" to "Baptist" Church, and a new Constitution and Rules as provided for in Clause (3) hereof shall be brought into operation.

Clause 6

The Pastors of the Church shall be Christian Ministers who subscribe to the Church’s Statement of Faith. The Church shall remain a Union Church unless changed as provided for in Clause (5) hereof, and the tenets of such Union Church as set forth in this Constitution must be adhered to. All matters affecting the Pastorate shall be decided by a three-quarters (75%) majority at a Special Meeting of church members called in accordance with the Rules. Voting to be by ballot. All property belonging to the said Union Church shall be vested in Rosebank Union Church (Interdenominational), such property to be administered and controlled by the church council. The said Union Church shall be the only body recognised as having any right or title to the said property, and such right and title shall only pass to the said Baptist Union of Southern Africa in the event of the said Union Church becoming defunct, excepting, however, that on change of name to "Baptist" church as provided for in clause (5) hereof, the right and title to the property will consequently pass to the said "Baptist" church. Provided further, however, that in the event of such said "Baptist" church also becoming defunct, all the property which belonged thereto shall revert to the said Baptist Union of Southern Africa.

Clause 7

Any question of difference which may arise, and which cannot be settled by the church council, or by the church in a general meeting shall be referred to the said Baptist Union of Southern Africa for a decision.

Clause 8

The members in general meeting assembled may make such rules and regulations as they may deem fit for the proper carrying on of the work, provided that the same are not in conflict with the provisions herein contained.

Clause 9

The church shall be entitled to acquire any movable or immovable property by purchase, donation or in any other manner, or to sell, to let, to lease, to exchange, to transfer or to receive any movable or immovable property by way of donation or in any other manner, to invest the funds of the church in government or municipal effects or on mortgages or in banks, post office, building societies and other financial institutions. The church will be entitled to borrow money with or without security on such conditions as the church from time to time may deem fit or to arrange loans with bankers by way of overdraft or otherwise or to mortgage the immovable or movable assets of the church by mortgage bond or notarial bond and to open banking accounts and to operate thereon, to issue bills of exchange or promissory notes or to receive such or to discount same or to issue any other negotiable or transferable document.

Clause 10

No amendment to this constitution will be effected without the approval of a properly constituted meeting of members at which at least two-thirds of the members present vote in favour of such amendment. No amendment shall be made which is detrimental to the interests of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa.

March 2002