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Our Statement of Faith

We believe...


In one God, eternally existing in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God has revealed Himself to us not only as the Creator of the universe, but also as a loving Father. Jesus was begotten by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and is both truly divine and genuinely human. As God, the Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and the Son. He convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment and indwells, guides and empowers every believer.


That the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are inspired by God and are therefore trustworthy and authoritative in all matters of faith and conduct.


That humankind, male and female, was created in the image of God with consequent dignity, authentic freedom and delegated authority. That God has ordained the only form of marriage as a heterosexual relationship between a natural man and a natural woman who are lawfully married to each other. As a result of the fall, God's image in humankind is marred, but not obliterated. All people have a sinful nature and are in need of salvation.

The Kingdom of God

That God loves the entire human race, and has purposed to redeem this fallen world. In the pursuance of His redemptive purpose, He has established His kingdom on earth. At the consummation of human history, His kingdom will be universally acknowledged.

The Lord Jesus Christ

That the Lord Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah of Israel and the Saviour of the world. He lived a sinless life. He died to atone for our sins, was buried and on the third day He rose from the dead. He ascended to heaven. He is the only mediator between God and humankind. He will return personally in splendour and with authority.


That salvation is available to all people through the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the gift of God, salvation is received through faith alone. All who believe in Him are born again of the Holy Spirit and thereby become children of God.

The Church

That the one true church is the whole company of those who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ and regenerated by the Holy Spirit. All believers in the Lord Jesus are spiritually united with one another and are called to uphold the unity of the Body of Christ. As a concrete expression of the universal church, the local church is a congregation of those who profess Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

The Ordinances

That the Lord Jesus Christ appointed two ordinances - baptism and the Lord's supper - to be observed as witness to the cardinal facts of the Christian life. Baptism is a confession of identification with Christ in burial and resurrection. The Lord's supper is the partaking of bread and wine as symbols of the Saviour's broken body and shed blood in remembrance of His sacrificial death, till He comes.

Freedom of Religion

That there should be no coercion in matters of religion. While not all truth claims are equally valid, we recognize freedom of religion as a basic human right. Inherent in this right is the right to proclaim one's faith.

The Final Judgement

In the resurrection of all people, the eternal life of the redeemed and the eternal banishment of those who have rejected the salvation provided in Christ. We believe that God is both just and merciful and will judge all people in the perfection of His wisdom.