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You are not my son

The Christmas story is one of the most compelling ever told. It includes politics, hardship, incredible natural and supernatural phenomena, all centred around the birth of a world-changing child.

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Sparrow School Partnership

For some of our orphaned and vulnerable children in Alexandra school is a daily battle. Due to the trauma and lack of parenting/support they have suffered, many of them have missed out on the foundation of education. They spend a huge amount of energy trying to hide the fact that they don’t understand, not wanting to be embarrassed or shamed. Consequently, they continue to fail year after year but eventually get pushed up to the next grade without ever learning the basics.

Fees Must What?

The chaos on many of our university campuses in response to the announcement by the Minister that tertiary education will not be free next year, and that instead there will be increases of no more that 8% as determined by each institution, has sent shock waves around the country and ripples around the world. It is tragic to witness the orchestrated disruption of classes and destruction of property by raging mobs led by irrational and influential activists.

Life and Death on our Doorstep

On Sunday afternoon we received news that one of the children in our Rays of Hope projects had been hurt at home and was being rushed to the clinic. A few minutes later Bertha (who works for Rays of Hope) informed us that Sifiso had died. It turned out that Sifiso (an 18 month old baby) was accidentally burned when, while his mother was not looking, he reached for water which was in a pot over a fire outside the shack . While he was being rushed to the clinic his skin turned from caramel to charcoal and started peeling.

Volunteer Day at Ikhaya Lomusa

Last Saturday was one of the highlights of our year so far!

We had over 90 volunteers pass through the doors, some arrived in their SUV’s from Sandton etc and others walked from different parts of Alex. The youngest was 4 and the oldest was late 50’s. Some came as families while others from schools, youth groups and some came solo. Everyone with their garden spades and folks, Handy Andies, mops, drills, screwdrivers.

My Tale of Two Cities

Tale of Two Cities

I have just returned from a ten-day tour of the Seven Churches of the Revelation in Turkey. Our excursion in Turkey was bracketed by time spent in the city of Istanbul. Straddling the Bosphorus Channel, the splendid waterway that divides Europe and Asia, connecting the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea, Istanbul is to me the most magnificent city in the world. Each time I visit it, I enjoy it more. It is an ancient city and a thoroughly modern city at the same time.