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You are not my son

The Christmas story is one of the most compelling ever told. It includes politics, hardship, incredible natural and supernatural phenomena, all centred around the birth of a world-changing child.

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About the Song

Mary gets plenty of attention in the story, and rightly so.

Her acquiescence to a stark, bewildering call on her life is inspiring for the steel it required and for the grace with which she performed her role.

Joseph, however, is left, by and large, to lurk in the shadows. He’s an important part of the unfolding tapestry, but by definition – it’s a virgin birth – he has not been as involved in Jesus’ arrival as his young wife, and he has relatively little say in the way matters play out.

But Joseph – on that night when there is no room in the inn; when they Magi follow a star from a faraway land; when shepherds abandon their flocks for a while for a more important task; when Herod starts to sense that there’s a threat to his supposed supremacy – becomes a father. He has no direct biological link to the infant whose arrival is heralded by angels, but he has a role to play in the child’s care. That is true in Jesus’ first few hours on Earth as it is throughout his childhood and becoming a man.

This song tells Joseph’s story.

I hope you'll enjoy listening to it in the lead-up to Christmas.