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These blogs are focusses primarily on giving feedback on the activities within different ministries in the church

Is the Pen mightier than the Sword?

Is the Pen mightier than the Sword? Lucy’s Surprising answer

Is the pen mightier than the sword? This was the weighty question that Lucy Gannon addressed at the 1st of March event hosted by Rosebank Union’s Write On! Group. I really expected Lucy—who wields her pen with such success and influence on the British TV and stage—to answer this question with a resounding ‘yes’.

Get Involved!

You don’t have to go to Outer Mongolia to be involved in missions!

Anyone who has been on life’s journey for any length of time will know that any effective endeavour is dependent on both front-line and back-office resources. For example, front-line people such as salespeople, doctors, judges and airline pilots cannot do their work with confidence and effectively without the necessary research, administrative and other support services.

Johannesburg Gospel Church

As a church, we are delighted to partner with Johannesburg Gospel Church, a Chinese fellowship that meets at our chapel every Sunday. Recently the fellowship celebrated two years of their existence and on being on our campus. I had the privilege of interviewing Pastor William Tam and his wife Cecelia about what God has been doing in their quest to reach out to Chinese in our city:

Fresh Vision from a 94 year-old

Billy Graham, having just reached his 94th birthday, has recently announced a post-US election campaign to ‘bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every possible place in America before his 95th birthday’. He says ‘no election will ever solve America’s most basic problems…because the trouble, at its root, is in the human heart…’. Graham says ‘although my age and health have limited me physically in recent years, I plan to spend the next 12 months … doing all that I am able to do in helping to carry out a fresh vision God has given…’

KBS Naoh’s Ark Party

On 2 November we organised a fun evening, for children from grades 0 to 7, as an alternative to a Halloween party. The aim was to give the children an opportunity to dress up, but to have a Christian emphasis. The theme of the Naoh’s Ark story was chosen and the kids dressed up with this inspiration. All the food followed the rainbow theme, which included rainbow coloured jelly, marshmallows covered in chocolate and smarties and a psychedelic rainbow coloured cake. The children had a fun filled evening with worship, best dressed competition and party food.

Eskom’s annual Innovation Summit

Eskom’s annual Innovation Summit’s aim was to ‘ignite Africa's and South Africa’s inventive spirit' over three days of inspiration, interaction and collaboration’ (28 – 30 August). Africa Works, Rays of Hope’s skills development project, was given the space to show off their bags and latest project: the litre of light. Still in its pilot phase, the litre of light uses a coke bottle to illuminate shacks in Alex during the day.

Transform - Short Term Missions

This year over 350 people came from all over the globe to join the first week of Transform in Rome. It was a time to equip each team with skills for their areas of work, to get to know one another and also to prepare spiritually, mentally and physically for their missions ahead. The days started with a typical Italian breakfast and then broke up into worship sessions, prayer sessions, education sessions and then fun time for meeting and mixing with each other.

Short Term Missions- Odessa

The missionary organisation “International Messengers” has developed an effective model for short-term mission outreach across Eastern European countries. During the summer young individuals attend camps to improve their English, using the Bible. A group of fourteen Christians from Johannesburg were group leaders for camps near Odessa, Ukraine in support of our missionaries currently living there, Arkadiy and Anneke Naydenov. The leaders were divided into two camps, namely Camp Canaan and the Forest Camp.