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This section includes all blog posts from the Rosebank Union Church pastoral team.

Fees Must What?

The chaos on many of our university campuses in response to the announcement by the Minister that tertiary education will not be free next year, and that instead there will be increases of no more that 8% as determined by each institution, has sent shock waves around the country and ripples around the world. It is tragic to witness the orchestrated disruption of classes and destruction of property by raging mobs led by irrational and influential activists.

My Tale of Two Cities

Tale of Two Cities

I have just returned from a ten-day tour of the Seven Churches of the Revelation in Turkey. Our excursion in Turkey was bracketed by time spent in the city of Istanbul. Straddling the Bosphorus Channel, the splendid waterway that divides Europe and Asia, connecting the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea, Istanbul is to me the most magnificent city in the world. Each time I visit it, I enjoy it more. It is an ancient city and a thoroughly modern city at the same time.

TGIM- Thank God it's Monday

Most of us are familiar with TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday! It’s kind of a sigh of relief we breathe as we come to the end of a tough week and look forward to the weekend which holds out the prospect of rest and a break from the problems and pressures of work. TGIF is a legitimate sigh because God did not design us to work all the time. He ordained the “Sabbath” as a day of physical rest and spiritual refreshing.

110 Years of Grace

“The arrival of the guests on Sunday, 21 January 1906, was an event of some note in the neighbourhood. They made their way along the narrow gravel lanes, and the parked vehicles – a car or two, a horse and trap or two, and a clutch of bicycles reflected an aspect of the times. The hosts, David and Alice Rossiter, welcomed them to their commodious home, secluded on a three acre property in the new(ish) Johannesburg suburb of Illovo.” Stuart Vaughan in "A Century of Grace"

The Missing Prayer

Imagine that your prayers over the past six months were recorded, categorized, and analysed. What would they tell you about your passions and priorities? Would they reveal a preoccupation with yourself and your immediate family? Would they be mostly about your safety, your struggles, your sins, your stuff? Would phrases like “help me”, “bless me”, “give me”, guide me”, “save me”, “heal me” occur again and again? And what about our corporate prayers in church services and in our Community Groups and Life on Life Groups? Would we see a similar pattern there?

Can We Fully Know Jesus Alone?

Over the last few days I have been re-reading part of Timothy Keller’s great book, “Prayer”, focusing particularly on his chapter entitled “The Prayer of Prayers”. As you would expect, it’s about the Lord’s Prayer.

Keller reminds us that the Lord’s Prayer was given to us in plural form. We ask God to give us what we need, meaning that, as much as possible, “the prayers of Christians ought to be public . . . to the advancement of the believers’ fellowship.”

Significant Community

Earlier this year in our Basic Training series I quoted John Stott on the subject of community: