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Discovering Church Membership

In order to apply for church membership at Rosebank Union Church, it is a pre-requisite that you attend our Discovering Church Membership class. The main goal of this course is to give potential members a solid grasp of the DNA of our church. We want all our members to understand who we are as a church, what we believe about God, what drives us in our worship and service to God, and how we are collectively seeking to grow in whole-heartedly following after Jesus.

Run by Pastor Ndaba and other church leaders, the course first provides an overview of the history and guiding beliefs and principles of Rosebank Union Church. We then highlight our Church Mission, and how this is fleshed out in the different ministries we are involved in. And finally the course explains what it means to be a member at RUC.

The course is about three hours long, and is offered a number of times each year, both on a weekday evening and a Saturday morning.

If you are interested in attending our next membership class, please RSVP below or consult the Upcoming Events to find out when the next course is.