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Responsibilities of Church Membership

Full identification with the church

Jesus often spoke of the importance of being identified with him as his disciple. Church membership can be part of that process. Membership is a public statement of allegiance to a church, signifying agreement with what the church believes and values.

Accountability to the church

Being a member means being willing to live by the beliefs and standards of the church. It means abiding by the church’s constitution and rules. Membership makes accountability possible, and accountability is essential for maintaining purity within the church. Without membership it is very difficult to have church discipline, or to hold people accountable to the standards of the church.

Accountability and care within the church

Membership clarifies the primary group for whom the church is most responsible when it comes to care and concern. Those who are members are also more accountable to care for each other.

Responsibility for the church

A member not only enjoys the blessings and benefits of being part of the church ministries, but also accepts the responsibilities for the church. When a person fulfills the requirements and is publicly accepted into membership, that new member assumes some responsibility for the ministries of the church, such as helping set direction, financial support, active attendance, prayer, involvement in the programmes, and making oneself available for leadership.

Selection of leadership

Because members have publicly declared their allegiance to the church, it is from this membership that elders, deacons and other key leaders are chosen.

Fulfillment of legal requirements

To be a legally recognized organization, there must be officially elected officers and trustees who are responsible for the property and operations of the organization. It is the formal members who elect people to these recognized leadership roles.

How to Leave a Church

We sincerely hope that you will be fulfilled and blessed at RUC and that you will grow in your journey with Christ, make some good friends and experience the wonderful satisfaction of sharing with others through your involvement in the variety of ministries available at RUC. As in our physical families, sometimes there will be hurts, offences, and misunderstandings in our church family. We encourage you to talk about it with one of the leaders. Please don’t leave RUC with unresolved issues. Should you choose to leave the church for whatever reason, please submit a letter of resignation. We strongly urge you to find another Bible teaching church.