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Community Groups

Rosebank Union Church sees the Community Group Ministry as a vital part of our vision and mission, viz. to grow the Body of Christ, to develop followers of Christ into mature disciples and to influence our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In a big church the Community Group is the place where we establish a sense of community and belonging for every individual member of our church.

Community Group Emphases

  • Worship

    Worship finds expression in all of life, but is best seen in prayer, communion with God and understanding more of God and his Word. The Community Group facilitates worship through prayer, singing, Bible study and the application of truth to the individual’s daily life.

  • Community

    Christians belong to a community of believers, where they are supported by other Christians and are held accountable by other believers. The Community Group creates an environment where people are connected to each other and encourages commitment through attendance and membership of the church and Community Group.

  • Discipleship

    Individuals at RUC are encouraged to grow in the Word of God and to follow in Christ’s footsteps on a daily basis. The Community Group encourages this growth by supporting one another, studying the Bible, discussing the practical implications of discipleship in family relationships and the workplace.

  • Ministry

    The Community Group facilitates the discovery of spiritual gifts and makes recommendations to both the individual and to church ministries as to how their gifts can be used in the group and the church.

  • Mission

    The Community Group encourages and supports the individual in being equipped for sharing the Gospel and as a group seeks ways to reach out to others in the community.