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Rosehaven Retirement Village

Rosehaven is a retirement village established by the church in 1970. It is self-supporting, managed by volunteers, and has a dedicated full-time staff. Rosehaven offers a caring Christian atmosphere while meeting the physical and spiritual needs of their residents.

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As a leading voice during the 1960’s, Miss Joan Winder realised that the number of people aged 60+ facing social exclusion from the wider Church community was rising sharply, and older folk were being excluded from decent housing, public transport and local amenities. In 1967, through her efforts, the concept of a Church retirement home was presented to the Rosebank Union Church as a concern social ministry, and in faith, she made a donation of R50.00, which translates to about R60 000 in real terms today. Today we have 68 accommodation units, offering either Independent or Assisted Living that care for 76 elderly persons.

On the verge of celebrating 50 years of service as a Non-Profit-Faith Based social concern Organisation, we have for five decades; provided a wide range of services that meet the personal needs of hundreds of seniors. This we do 365 days a year with passion, innovation, and distinction. Our Purpose Statement clearly demonstrates our core values and for us, it is all about providing the elderly with quality care and services covering their physical, social and spiritual needs.

Our complete level of senior care is through utilising a multi-disciplinary collaboration system that is a globally “Protecting the Rights of Older People” recognised model that not only improves the well-being of seniors but also benefits the entire community as we transform the ageing experience.

Our decisive goal and a genuine passion is the advancement of providing a spiritual influence and the enabling of all Residents to travel through a complex and changing season of life. So we are aspiring to make the social circumstances within a complex and evolving transition as inclusive as possible.

Strongly driven and discerned from the ordinary, from the very inception of Rosehaven, there has been our response to the fact that God is calling all, reassure the called, before ‘taking’ them home. We have received God’s prompting confirmation from within, and so actively respond to call all to the way of Christ. The challenge to equip and to accompany others in their discipleship fuels Rosehaven’s emphasis on appreciative inquiry as a spiritual organisation.

The need for interaction with other people continues throughout life. As an objective, we never allow our programs to become so narrow that they over-emphasise certain aspects while under-emphasising other equally important aspects of senior adult life. Our Spiritual enriching activities include up to three Bible study groups, encouraging attendance at a Tuesday church fellowship group, a Friday worship opportunity led by visiting Spiritual leaders of varying denominations, and a regular monthly communion service. It is a call to bring Christians to a closer, more intimate relationship with Jesus and to maintain the identity of people concerning their continuing value as equipped, vital parts of the body of Christ; to recognise their value regarding wisdom, experience, knowledge, talents, and other God-given abilities and gifts.