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What's Your Story

As a church, we are excited to be participating in this Heartlines initiative through our services and in our Community Groups.

In South Africa, we have a trust deficit that affects the quality of our relationships with others and hinders us from getting to know each other better. This deficit is largely fuelled by divisions based on race, ethnicity, class and socio-economic levels.

As Christians, we have a God-given mandate for reconciliation. We need to understand better the people we interact with on a daily basis. Understanding builds trust.

We believe in the power of personal storytelling to create understanding and trust.

Personal storytelling can be achieved in 3 easy steps:

Ask, Listen, Tell

By asking, listening and telling each other our stories we can break down suspicion, mistrust and the misconceptions that divide us. As we make this a habit, we can build the South Africa we long for, one story at a time

How can you get involved?

For our Community Groups

In conjunction with Heartlines, we have produced a 3-week Study to help your groups in a number of key ways:

  • To understand something of the power of story-telling - including a biblical motivation.
  • To help your group members engage with each other's stories more deeply
  • To learn some new skills to lovingly engage with the stories of the people with whom they live, work and play

Download the Leader Guide Here

For individuals

Through the course of this campaign, you will be challenged to open your eyes to the people around you and to develop an inquisitive and loving heart towards them. Our prayer is that God will challenge you to meaningfully engage with people God has put into your life, particularly those who are culturally different to yourself, so that we can collectively break down suspicion, mistrust and the misconceptions that divide us. There are a number of ways you could do this.

  • Learn how to ask good questions to lovingly learn about people around you (use the "Questions to help you engage" in the resources below)
  • Invite someone from church around for a meal
  • Invite someone to go and watch the "Beyond the River" movie, and talk about it together over a meal or coffee.
  • Join a Community Group. If you are not yet involved in a Community Group, please complete this form to help us put you in contact with a suitable Community group (Please note that not all of our groups are participating in the What's Your Story campaign).


To download any of these files directly to your computer - simply Right Click and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..."

Beyond the River

This campaign coincides with the release of the “Beyond the River” movie which was produced by Heartlines. This inspiring movie is based on a true story of Piers Cruikshanks of Dabulamanzi Canoe Club and Siseko Ntondini of the Soweto Canoe and Recreation Club who, against all odds, won gold in the 2014 Dusi Canoe Marathon.

We would like to encourage people to go and watch the movie together with a culturally different friend, colleague or neighbour as a way of sparking conversation and getting to know each other's stories more deeply.