When a couple gets married, the thought of not being able to have children never crosses their minds. But after a few years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, the reality sets in and it’s often shattering. “Instead of entering the pastel halls of nurseries and baby clothes, they begin the slow, miserable trudge through the white coat world of infertility. It’s a sterile setting where every last ounce of mystery and passion is leached out of conception”* and one often feels so alone…alone with unanswered questions, alone with a feeling of failure, alone with a sense of being abandoned by God. One young woman so aptly described her situation this way…”what did I do to deserve this? Why me? Why anyone? These are the questions that continuously run laps around my head.” 

Kirsten Legg was once one of those women who desperately longed for another child but couldn’t conceive. Kirsten and her husband, Andrew, were next door neighbours from the ages of 10 and 11, respectively. After five years of marriage, God blessed them with a beautiful daughter, Emma. But they just couldn’t seem to have another child.

Five years after unsuccessfully trying to conceive and after a failed IVF (in vitro fertilisation) procedure, she asked God, “Why?”. She didn’t get the answer she was expecting. God’s word to her was, “You need to help others battling with infertility.” And so “Footprints in the Sand” was born. It’s a support group for people battling with infertility and has just celebrated 5 years of existence. Since its inception, 50 babies have been born to those in the group.

Footprints in the Sand, which meets every six weeks in Kirsten’s home, is a safe and warm place for ladies to share their hopes and dreams, struggles and pain. Out of Kirsten’s seven year experience of pain and anguish in not conceiving, she has been able to offer comfort, hope, ideas and support. And lots of prayer. The ladies rejoice and thank God together each time a woman becomes pregnant.

You can find the group on the Vitalab website (www.vitalab.com). For more information, contact Kirsten Legg at 072 249 8790. 

But what about Kirsten’s own journey with infertility. Kirsten described her “infertility road” as “damaging every part of me.” Another woman described her feelings this way, “I never knew how heavy empty arms could be.”

Stephen Lungu with Kirsten and her son BradleySteven Lungu, at the end of a sermon he preached at Rosebank in 2006, asked those who felt that they had something in their life that was hurting them or stopping them from living a fulfilled life to come forward for prayer. Kirsten went to the front with others. He then said “There is someone here that has been trying to fall pregnant for many years and the Lord has told me that they will be blessed.” Some who knew Kirsten, felt he was referring to her. For many years she held on to those words.

Other amazing things happened to Kirsten which gave her hope and encouragement along the way. She journaled her walk with God which enabled her to see His activity and work in her life. After a special prayer experience in December 2009, and being told “Your heart’s desire is to have a son. This will happen soon and the glory will go to God.”, Kirsten fell pregnant in January and Bradley Campbell James Legg was born on September 23, 2010.

What an incredible story! What an incredible journey! What an incredible ministry, “Footprints in the Sand” that came out of Kirsten’s experience. As someone so aptly said, “Often our greatest ministry comes out of our greatest pain.” May Kirsten’s story continue to inspire and give hope to many.

*Quote from Phil Reinders’ article in the Calgary Herald Newspaper.