Dear Members

At the AGM on the 14th September 2020, the members of the Church voted to adopt the governance structure proposal as the basis for the new governance structure for the Church, as well as the basis upon which to make the necessary changes to the constitution and rules of the Church to give effect to the new governance structure.

The Council has now completed drafting the proposed changes to the constitution and rules. The following approach has been followed:

  • Given that the changes to the constitution were relatively limited, changes have been made to the existing constitution. Both the version reflecting the “tracked” changes to the constitution and a “clean” version of the proposed constitution have been made available below.
  • Given the far-reaching changes required to the rules, the rules were redrafted, with existing principles and wording retained from the previous rules as far as possible. The new proposed rules have been made available below.

The changes to the constitution and rules will be presented to members for approval at the Bi-Annual General Meeting of the Church on 18 November 2020. Just as we received valuable feedback from the members in the development of the governance structure proposal, we would again like to invite your feedback on the proposed constitution and rule changes. Please provide us with any feedback or questions you may have by:

  • Attending one of the “Rule Change Forums”.  These will take place on Wednesday 4 November 2020 at 19:00 (Zoom meeting) and on Sunday 8 November 2020 immediately after the morning service (in person meeting).
  • Emailing your feedback or questions to

As you consider the changes made to the constitution and rules, we would like to bring the following key items to your attention:

  • Other than the items set out below, changes have only been made to give effect to the governance structure proposal.
  • Clause 6 of the current constitution states that “all matters affecting the Pastorate shall be decided by a three-quarters majority…of church members”. The broad extent of this (i.e. “all matters”) has resulted in this clause being impractical to implement and has become increasingly impractical as the Church has grown. The proposed changes include changing this clause such that “all appointments to the Pastorate shall be decided by a three-quarters majority”.
  • The governance structure proposal proposed an Elder Governing Board (EGB) made up of 7 elders, being the Senior Pastor and 6 other elders, none of whom could be employees of the Church. Upon further reflection, the Council recommends that this be amended to allow for one senior staff member, in addition to the Senior Pastor, to be appointed to the EGB.
  • Provision has been made throughout the constitution and rules to expressly allow for meetings of members to be held virtually and to allow for communication to members to be in a form other than only the church bulletin (which was required in certain instances). This is to cater for both the practical changes required as a result of COVID-19 as well as the changes in how the Church and its members interact.

We thank you for your support and contributions throughout this structure review process. We look forward to your feedback as we refine the constitution and rule changes to give effect to the new governance structure. We pray together with you that God will work through all of this to advance his kingdom through Rosebank Union Church for years to come.

Tito Magagula
Council Chairperson

Stephen Rushton
Structure Review Committee Chairperson