Hey Rosebank Union family!

We are up and running for the year, and excited about our plans as a Church over the next few months, despite being restricted in terms of gatherings.

As you will know the adjusted level 3 lockdown rules do not allow any religious gatherings until at least the middle of February, which means we are back to Churchonline for all our gatherings.

We will be continuing with our monthly prayer meetings as well as the First Mondays webinars, as well as some new opportunities for connecting online.

We encourage you to not miss the new-year opportunity to commit to connecting with the RUC community:

  • Every Sunday: Churchonline @ golive.ruc.org.za. Be of the simplest and best ways to feel a little more connected to Church is to join us for the livestream at 9:30 on a Sunday where you can engage through comments, chats and request prayer.
  • Community Groups meet on various days of the week, most of them still meeting on virtual platforms in lockdown. Contact our Discipleship pastor, Zwai Zulu, for a suitable group for you.
  • Wednesday 27 January: Monthly prayer meeting. Be sure to kick your year off in prayer by joining us for the day of prayer and fasting (Fasting information here), culminating in our Zoom prayer meeting at 19:00 (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81474261790)
  • Monday 1 Feb: First Mondays Webinar. We kick off our webinar series with a topic directly linked to our first sermon series. Also on golive.ruc.org.za at 19:00.

Speaking of sermons, we are very excited about our first sermon series for the year. 

It’s called Rule of Life: Habits to fortify and form your faith

Christians have been practising the concept of a ‘Rule of Life’ for centuries as a means of integrating spiritual disciplines (such as prayer, scripture) into daily rhythms of life.

What makes this concept relevant for us now is the fact that a Rule of Life is entirely contextual. The rhythms and habits that we develop are targeted specifically for the particular times we live in.

I think we all realise that these are unique times, with unique pressures and unique temptations. If we are serious about our spiritual growth then we need to be intentional about fortifying & forming our faith, through specially designed rhythms and habits.

Starting Sunday 24 January we will take six weeks to discuss six areas of life that are under unique pressure in 2021, and apply six spiritual habits that will fortify and form our faith no matter what happens this year! We don’t just want to survive 2021 but thrive!

I am looking forward to journeying through another year of ‘blessed uncertainty’ (as I am learning to call it!) with you, as we grow in:

  • Trusting God’s will of decree.
  • Embracing His will of desire.
  • Obeying into His will of direction.

Hoping to see you all soon (DV)