An announcement was made to the church on Sunday 31 January that the Elder Governing Board (EGB), as recommended by Finance Committee, embark on a reduction in remuneration of staff (R100,000) and our missionaries (R15,000) for the three months commencing 1 February 2021.  

Since this decision, we have seen an increase in the level of tithes and offerings for the month of January, and for the first 2 weeks in February.  As a result of this, the Finance Committee, recommended with approval given by the EGB, that these cost-saving measures be placed on hold for the time being.  Accordingly, for the months of February through May, staff and missionaries will be receiving their full salaries and financial support.

The EGB, Finance committee & staff would like to thank all those who so generously contributed to enable us to reach this decision.  What is particularly encouraging is that there has been an increase in general giving, as well as several large contributions. We praise God for His answered prayers and continue to trust Him to supply our needs for the remainder of the year.