As a team, we have had to adjust (what feels like 100 times!) to the new way of doing ministry, and it has been both a challenge and an exciting adventure. Yet, with all the uncertainty and constant change, we have become so much more aware of God’s unfailing love and unchanging character.

We praise Jesus for all he has done through us during 2020 and we are excited to see how he will keep working to reveal himself to children and bring them into a saving relationship with him – in spite of all that’s going on the world around us.

Here are some highlights as we start 2021:

Welcome Arielle!

We are so excited to welcome Arielle as the new Children’s Ministry Assistant.

Arielle is a friend of Jesus who is constantly working on loving him well, learning to be loved by him and loving his people. She loves pizza, mountains and long chats over coffee.

We pray that God will bless her ministry at RUC!

Children’s Ministry Online


We have a brand new Bible Adventure Club video for all our pre-school children, featuring some brand new characters. You can find the video every Sunday morning on our YouTube Channel, or on our webpage.

We’ve started with a three-week series, God cares, where we’ve been looking at three people in the Old Testament who God cared for. We’ve been learning how God always looks after us.

After that, we will begin a series called Meals with Jesus and meet some interesting, and not-always-so-good people Jesus ate with.

Grade 0-7s:

Kids’ Church Online has started again – this time, version 3.0! We’ll be following the sermon series to help parents/carers and children engage with each week’s teaching together. Our series is called Cross trainers – how to train your spirit to stand firm in God’s truth. You can find the video every Sunday morning on our YouTube Channel, or on our webpage.

New Pre-teen Ministry Launching Soon!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching a ministry for pre-teens (Grade 5-7s) soon. We’re calling it Squad 1:16: For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes, Romans 1:16

Squad 1:16 exists to help our preteens to be rooted in Scripture, find their identity in Jesus and be salt and light as they unashamedly live out and proclaim the gospel in every aspect of their lives.

We recognise that 11–13-year-olds are in a unique stage of life and have unique needs. They are no longer little children, but also not yet teenagers. As Dan Scott writes in ‘Caught In Between: Engage Your Preteens Before They Check Out’, preteens are ‘a bundle of paradoxes: complex and simple; curious and naïve; abstract and concrete; physically maturing and acting immature’.

We want to create environments for our preteens where we can reach them where they are while, at the same time, partnering with parents in preparing preteens to navigate the next phase they are growing into.

Keep an eye out for more information!

WhatsApp Group for Parents

We would love to keep parents and carers updated and provide helpful, but short, resources through our WhatsApp Group. We know how many WhatsApp groups parents belong to, so we have set this group to be for one-way communication only. In other words, only staff members will be able to post. We seek to post only once a week under usual circumstances. Please consider joining the group by following this link.

God bless,

Ansuné & the Children’s Ministry Team