The AGM of Rosebank Union Church will take place on Wednesday 17 March, 2021 at 19:00

The most important item on the agenda will be the church’s vision and plans for 2021 and beyond, which will be presented by the Senior Pastor, Richard van Lieshout.

There are standing matters to discuss and vote on, which include a report on the activities of the church in 2020, which will be distributed to members before the meeting.  Also to presented and voted on are the church’s audited annual financial statements for 2020, the re-appointment of the church’s auditors, and any other business brought to the meeting by the Elder Governing Board.

The meeting will be primarily online, and may include in person attendance – however this will depend on government regulations at the time of the meeting.  Details of how to register and attend online are as follows:

Gareth Tudor – Church Secretary