We hope you enjoyed celebrating Easter this year as much as we did! As the Easter festivities subside (and with it the associated public holiday season), we are reminded that we constantly live our lives in proximity to the empty cross.

Which is just another way of saying ‘Gospel Culture’!

While the sermon series is now in the rear-view mirror, we thought it would be helpful to keep the series summary on the windscreen!

Not literally of course, at least not on your car! However you might like to keep it on your computer & phone’s ‘windscreen’ aka your desktop!

To that end we have designed a Gospel Culture series diagram, which we think quite aptly depicts the overall series.

It’s a kind of ‘cultural web’ where you can see in the visuals how the different Gospel Culture codes overlap each other. For instance:

• ‘Transformative Reconciliation’ clearly requires ‘Comprehensive Forgiveness’.

• ‘Mutual Correction’ along with ‘Authentic Vulnerability’ leads to spiritual growth.

Intuitively for most, love overlaps all the Culture Codes! If we truly receive the unconditional love of God, and love others in the same way, we will be well set to manifesting a Gospel Culture.

You can download these desktop wallpapers here.
Feel free to spread it around, and invite others to listen in on the series if they haven’t yet

Watch the Gospel Culture series on YouTube, and listen to the specials podcast here

We think it will be helpful to be reminded of these Culture Codes throughout the year, as we sincerely intend to see this embedded in the ministry direction of our Church. So watch this space!

Warm greetings,

P.S if you’re wondering what’s happening next with our sermon series for the year, I can tell you that we have a major series starting at the beginning of June, through a timeless Old Testament book, that we will seriously get stuck into in unprecedented ways! Coming to your favourite church soon..