Notice of Annual General Meeting

Members are advised that the annual general meeting will be held on Wednesday, 29 March 2023 at 19h00 in the Auditorium and on-line. In accordance with the constitution and rules, the following matters will be addressed with members:

  1. Receive the report on the activities of the Church in the previous financial year;
  2. Be presented with an outline of the Church’s plans for the current financial year;
  3. Receive a report on the Church’s audited financial results for the past year, and to consider, and if deemed appropriate, the adoption of the audited annual financial statements for the past financial year.
  4. Approve the appointment of auditors for the forthcoming financial year as recommended by the Elder Governing Board and Fincom; and
  5. Conduct other business as determined by the Elder Governing Board.

Please diarise this important meeting for all members to participate in and reflect on, giving thanks to God, for the activities of the church. Financial results and any other information will be made available in the next two weeks prior to the meeting.