News items for our weekly news bulletin

In November, Rays of Hope will be taking all our young people on a camp. It is a 3-day life-changing out-of-Alex experience for them and this is the time that we truly get to share the truth about God’s love with them.

Childrens Ministries will be on recess as follows:


Sunday ministry


from 2 October – 9 October
Will return on Sunday 16 October

Friday Evening / Squad 1:16

from 30 Sept – 7 Oct 
will return on 14 October.

Please join us on Wednesday 28 September at 7pm for our monthly day of Prayer and Fasting.

This month we will have a special Prayer meeting after 3 weeks of extended teaching from the book of Daniel.

Starting on Sunday the 9th of October we’ll  have Youth Sundays!

Youth will be meet before the 10am service they’ll sit through worship and the message together and then pop out to connect & discuss.
We encourage parents of teenagers to have coffee or lunch after the service and take this opportunity to connect with some people!

Rosebank Union Church Library is proud to announce its reopening after both Sunday Services.
Everyone is more than welcome to pop in for a variety of books, and DVDs to read/watch in-house or at leisure at home.
There are also some books that may take out and keep.
We would also like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has returned their outstanding books as well as for the various donations received. These books are greatly appreciated and treasured and a great blessing to us!
We are also looking for volunteers that can work in the library for half an hour before the 5pm service on a Sunday. Please contact Kathy Grobler:


Is now open Longer on Sundays
Don’t rush off, stay for
Lunch after the 10am service

If you missed this event, please catch the replay here. Also, Pastor Richard will be hosting two Refresh Tours, to take people around the RUC facility.

The following prospective members have completed the membership class, and the interview process with the view of being recommended for membership. Should you have any concerns or comments, please raise them with any of the Pastoral Team:

  • Charles Atuchukwu
  • Michaela Bouter
  • Shauneen Bryden
  • Laura Chandler
  • Joseph Judith
  • Jaco Kamper
  • Liberty Magera
  • Nobesuthu Mashaba
  • Sally-Anne Mitchley
  • Anelisa Moyo
  • Zama Moyo
  • Atusaye Mughogho
  • Reaobaka Mughogho
  • Leon Newman
  • Tanya Newman
  • Hanru Nienabar
  • Karen Nienabar
  • Stephen Simmonds
  • Melanie Simmonds
  • Anja Swart
  • Stewart Weeple
  • Petra Weeple
  • Kevin Williams
  • Muziwethu Zwane
  • Angela Zwane
  • Ethan Zwane
  • Khanysile Zwane


To serve with our missionaries Martin & Petro De Lange
Working among Turkish believers in France

Dates: 26th April – 3rd May

We will be running the children’s program at a weekend camp for Turkish believers from all over France.
If you are a believer, love kids and are fluent in French, please contact:

On the last Wednesday of every month we have our day of prayer and fasting, culminating in the combined online prayer meeting at 7:00pm on Zoom.

In this short video Pastor Richard explains what fasting is and how and why it is important for us to pray and fast.

See you on Zoom from 7-8pm:
Meeting ID: 814 7426 1790