News items for our weekly news bulletin

A warm welcome to the following New Members who have met the basic requirements for membership, and are willingly joining our Church family, had agreed to embrace our mission/assignment and participate in its fulfilment:

  • Bronwyn Campbell
  • Mandy & Steve Caw
  • Katherine Drennan
  • Hanno Esterhysen
  • Jemma Falkov
  • David Felix
  • Ruan Galdino
  • Dirk & Feyoena Hamman
  • Chris Henchie
  • Larry Homman
  • Lance & Tracey Peppler
  • Sarah Tollis

We were calling it ‘Super Spring’. Our staff were getting pretty excited back in early August about the prospects of open gatherings again, coupled with a spring-time sense of renewal. So we packed our September & October calendar with some of the most important events we could think of:

  • The Prayer & Praise Party
  • Our X-Squared Youth Camp
  • A Campus Outreach evangelism event

The Disciple-Makers Conference

Now coming up this weekend is a flagship event for for 2021: The Disciple-Makers Conference.

Finding & implementing a personal disciple-making curriculum for a Church is a bit of a ‘holy grail’ in Church circles. As a team we had been searching for a long time. Eventually we just decided to put our heads together and try come up with something as unique as the wonderful Church of RUC.

That’s what Justin, Zwai & I will be launching this weekend: RUC’s own pathway for personally making disciples.

There’s plenty of space for you. We have all the conference trimmings. Come and check it out. Whether you’ve intentionally been making disciples for years, or never really knew it was something you should be doing, this will be a worthwhile weekend to stir up a renewed sense of purpose in your life. 

New Teaching Series

This conference will coincide with the start our last major teaching series for the year: The Gospel of God

‘The gospel has been described as a pool in which a toddler can wade and yet an elephant can swim. It is both simple enough to tell to a child and profound enough for the greatest minds to explore’. 

Timothy Keller

In this series we’ll wade out to the gospel depths where elephants swim. It could be one of the most important series I’ve yet done, and I’m very excited for it!

To get the most from this, come gather at Church on Sunday. We have space. We have reduced a lot of the hassle around Covid-19 protocols (yet still being safe!).

Meeting, greeting, smiling (with your eyes), singing, listening, praying, laughing, receiving, giving, sharing, serving, loving: this what happens when we’re together on a Sunday.

We’ve been able, by the grace of God, to remain united as a Church at a difficult time when we couldn’t meet together. Now we can meet again, and by the grace of God those gatherings will more than make up for what we missed!

You may have a good reason for not having returned to church in person, or it may be the inertia of a long period of being disconnected from Church. Perhaps it’s time to #RediscoverChurch. This Sunday will be a good one to try! 


The Rays of Hope Ignition programme selects matriculants from Alexandra schools and provides them with a matrix of support to enable each one to study at a tertiary level or complete technical training, with the goal of finding sustainable employment. One of the ways we support them is through mentoring.

We are in need or mentors for our university students largely from Alex. These are students coming from previously disadvantaged background and needing mentors to help guide them through university.

For the past few years we have been focusing on a plea for only mentors. This year we are extending our request and looking for people who could partner with us financially (individual funders or companies) or if you could give us some leads to potential companies.

Info Session:

If you’re interested, please join us for an online info session


For more info, please contact Nonnie Magagula: (073) 186-3396

Or reach out to us at

Rays of Hope is a MySchool card beneficiary. It would be great to have your spend at Woolworths, Builders Warehouse, Engen and Loot contribute to the work being done in Alexandra.

Click here to sign up or change your beneficiaries to “Rays of Hope”:

We’re looking for social media ambassadors so if you have over 1,500 connections on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

Please contact so we can sign you up as a Rays of Hope Ambassador.

Invest in a Future Legend – we’re looking for partners to sponsor a child to attend one of the Rays of Hope programmes. For a monthly amount starting at R500, you can ensure that a child gets the support and care that he or she needs. Go to

Partner with Rays of Hope to achieve your BBBEE rating. Take a look at for all the ways that we can improve your scorecard

As a NextGen Ministry Team, we would love to help children transition easier into the next life stage. For this reason, we are hosting Step-Up Days for the first time ever. These days will be like an open day, where children will be able to get a taste of the environment and program they’ll transition into in 2022, and to meet the volunteers who will be serving them. We also hope it will help parents to build relationships with others who have children in similar life stages. 

Save the dates (end of October/beginning of November) Please visit the Street Times to find out when our Step-Up days will be taking place and for more information 


More information will follow, but for now, please diarise these dates: 

  • Saturday morning 30 October: Children who will be turning 2 in 2022 and moving up to Bible Adventure Club 
  • Friday evening 5 November: Children in Grade 5 in 2022, who will be joining Squad 1:16 (Grade 5-7s) and Children in Grade 8 in 2022, who will be joining the Youth Ministry (XSquared) 
  • Saturday morning 6 November: Children in Grade 0 in 2022, who will be moving up to the XChange Hall to join the Grade 0-4s 

On the 17 November it is our Bi-Annual Church meeting where one of the important agenda items is the election of elders. Before new elders can be voted in, they need to go through a nomination and interview process.

Nominations for Elders must be proposed and seconded in writing by completing the nomination form. Elder Nominees must indicate their acceptance of the nomination after careful and prayerful reflection of the contents of the document linked below. These nominations must be lodged with the Church Secretary not less than 28 days prior to the Bi-Annual General Meeting on 17 November (ie by 20 October 2021).

Whether you are considering nominating someone to the office of Elder, or simply want to be informed of this important role, we urge you to intentionally pray for this annual process in our Church, and continue to pray for the elected leadership of our Church afterward!

On Sunday 7 November, we will be having a baptism service. If you would like to be baptised, please would you attend this baptism class. It will be lead by Pastor Zwai Zulu and will take place directly after the morning service in the Garden Room.

Sunday 24 October

10:30am – 11:30am

Please RSVP to