Church-wide News and Announcements

If you missed this event, please catch the replay here. Also, Pastor Richard will be hosting two Refresh Tours, to take people around the RUC facility.

The following prospective members have completed the membership class, and the interview process with the view of being recommended for membership. Should you have any concerns or comments, please raise them with any of the Pastoral Team:

  • Charles Atuchukwu
  • Michaela Bouter
  • Shauneen Bryden
  • Laura Chandler
  • Joseph Judith
  • Jaco Kamper
  • Liberty Magera
  • Nobesuthu Mashaba
  • Sally-Anne Mitchley
  • Anelisa Moyo
  • Zama Moyo
  • Atusaye Mughugho
  • Reaobaka Mughugho
  • Leon Newman
  • Tanya Newman
  • Hanru Nienabar
  • Karen Nienabar
  • Stephen Simmonds
  • Melanie Simmonds
  • Anja Swart
  • Stewart Weeple
  • Petra Weeple
  • Kevin Williams
  • Muziwethu Zwane
  • Angela Zwane
  • Ethan Zwane
  • Khanysile Zwane


To serve with our missionaries Martin & Petro De Lange
Working among Turkish believers in France

Dates: 26th April – 3rd May

We will be running the children’s program at a weekend camp for Turkish believers from all over France.
If you are a believer, love kids and are fluent in French, please contact:

Rosebank Union Church Library is proud to announce its reopening after both Sunday Services.
Everyone is more than welcome to pop in for a variety of books, and DVDs to read/watch in-house or at leisure at home.
There are also some books that may take out and keep.

Young Adults and Youth Worship Night

Friday 22 July
6:30 for 7pm – 9:00pm
In the auditorium at Rosebank Union Church

More info contact

On the last Wednesday of every month we have our day of prayer and fasting, culminating in the combined online prayer meeting at 7:00pm on Zoom.

In this short video Pastor Richard explains what fasting is and how and why it is important for us to pray and fast.

See you on Zoom from 7-8pm:
Meeting ID: 814 7426 1790

Stefan & Marie Dell work with Campus Crusade for Christ and are based in Florida. They give us an update, tell some stories of church planting and transformation. If you missed their report back in the service you can watch it here:

They mention the following video about Cambodia:

Find out more about our Global Missions.

Wendy Lock one of our missionaries, who serves at Faith Academy in Manilla in the Philippines is back in South Africa on furlough. We encourage you to watch her feedback video on YouTube, on our social media after the service please check it out.

The book of Daniel has fascinated Christians for centuries. Who wouldn’t love the stories of a young Daniel and his friends, under intense pressure in the courts of the most powerful nation on earth, exhibiting tremendous courage and resolute faithfulness, and witnessing God’s miraculous interventions in their lives?

Incredibly, in Daniel’s account, these daring tales are eclipsed by the dreams and visions that with stunning accuracy predict the movement of world superpowers, not only in Daniel’s time but into the future, and yes, even into our time!

The historical narrative mixed with predictive prophecy make Daniel a unique book in our Bibles, but also an incredibly relevant one for us.

As Christians we too are in ‘exile’, away from our true Home and struggling ourselves under the intense pressure of the world around us. We too are called to exhibit courage and faithfulness, and we too long to see God’s miraculous interventions in our lives!

Not only that, we too are concerned about the movement of world superpowers, anxious to know that God is in fact still sovereign over the ‘kingdoms’ of this world, our own nation, and our very own lives!

The fact that Daniel stretches into our own futures, with its resounding theme of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness to His people, inspires both hope & faithfulness.

Our journey starts this coming Sunday, and will stretch out over the next few months:

Sunday 12 June – 7 August: Daniel 1-6
Sunday 14 – 28 August: Series break
Sunday 4 Sep – 6 Nov: Daniel 7-12

To get the most out of this study we strongly encourage you to do two things:

  1. Work through the personal study guide
    This is more than a ‘daily devotional’. It will guide you through reading the chapter ahead of the Sunday sermon, with helpful study prompts and clues.
  2. Join a study group
    Community group leaders are equipped to share a lot more about the chapter following each sermon, and perhaps more importantly, to help assimilate the principles into daily life!

Watch the Clash of Kingdoms series on YouTube

Ultimately the book of Daniel draws our attention to Jesus, and His future kingdom, which makes it foundational reading for Christians anytime, anywhere:

“I was watching in the night visions, And with the clouds of the sky one like a son of man was approaching. He went up to the Ancient of Days and was escorted before him. To him was given ruling authority, honor, and sovereignty. All peoples, nations, and language groups were serving him. His authority is eternal and will not pass away. His kingdom will not be destroyed”
(Daniel 7:13-14)

May God bless us all as we study His word together!


The youth will be going to serve the community of Shongwe in Mpumalanga. They will be running a kids club and soccer ministries and doing various community service projects.

On Sunday 12 June after all 3 services please join us in the outdoor Amphitheatre for the Youth Missions trip fundraiser.

You are able to support the team by buying breakfast buns after the 8 & 10 am services and boerie rolls after the 5 pm service. There will also be awesome experiences that you can purchase like a Cyclecoffee tasting with pastor Richard. Please check that out!

Mission Trip Details
Date: 26th June – 3rd July

For More info: