News and Announcements from Rays of Hope

At the end of September, Rays of Hope will be taking all our young people on a camp. It is a 3-day life-changing out-of-Alex experience for them and this is the time that we truly get to share the truth about God’s love with them.

We’re asking people to sponsor a child for the camp at R500 per child. Take a look at this short video to hear a request from some of the girls who are keen to attend.

To sponsor a child please email

We are so grateful for all the donations received from the RUC congregation and are appealing once again for gently used clothing and goods. We wanted to let you know that we take whatever can be used in Alex to our partners there, and whatever is not able to be used, we sell at our second-hand shop, which is open every Friday at the Rays of Hope office.

It’s that time of the year again when Rays of Hope collects winter warmers to distribute to the most vulnerable in Alex – and it’s going to be cold this winter! We’re collecting blankets, jackets, beanies, gloves, scarfs and winter clothing, so please drop off all donations at the Rays of Hope office. It would be great to challenge your family, friends and colleagues to make donations too. Cash donations are also welcome.

Rays of Hope is looking to support some young adults through a six-month long mentorship engagement. The requirement is for a mentor to spend 1-hour every month virtually with the young adult to guide, share, advise and assist them on their life journey. Training will be provided.

For more information, people can read the attached document (let me know if you can save it online or if I need to do it) and apply. Applications need to be sent to

It’s nearly the end of the tax year, so why not give yourself a tax break, by making a tax deductible donation to Rays of Hope, Rosebank’s social outreach partner. All cash donations are eligible for Section 18A certificate.
Please send your proof of payment to and request your certificate.

We’re looking for partners to sponsor a child to attend one of the Rays of Hope programmes. For a fixed monthly amount between R500 and R1250, you can ensure that a child gets the support and care that he or she needs.

Go to for more info