I’m delighted that you will be joining us in our journey through the book of Ezra! The sermons, CG material and individual daily devotions combined will ensure the book has maximum impact on our lives.

A key verse in the book is found soon after the arrival of Ezra on the scene:

“For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel”

Ezra 7:10

Whilst I have not (yet!) studied the book in depth, this verse has long been foundational for me, and I think is particularly relevant and inspiring for all who teach the Bible.

May God fill our hearts as we study his word, and then to do it! This is almost always the hardest part: obediently living out what we’re learning. If we are to ‘Come back stronger’ it will require active obedience to all that we’re studying. We not only want to study and learn, but confess our sins, and take steps to faithfully obey what we’re learning.

May God inspire all of us to study, obey and teach his word faithfully in this season.

With you in preparing to come back stronger!


Daily Devotional Guide

A daily devotional guide (for five days a week) with scripture readings and reflections prepared by Shelley Seiler.

(Please note that initially the first five weeks are presented – but it will be updated as we progress).

Community Group Guide

A weekly Community Group discussion guide prepared by Pastor Zwai Zulu.

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