Johannesburg Bible College

In partnership with the Johannesburg Bible College we will be offering four courses each year specifically designed to equip Christians to know and understand God and his word and how it applies to all of life.


Course 2 : Love God, Love Neighbour

16 April – 28 May 2018 (excluding 30 April)

How the Bible’s core message is deeply relational, and what that means for all  human relationships.

Jesus summarises the scriptures in relational terms: love God, love neighbour (Mt.22:37-40). What can this practically look like at home, in church, at the workplace and in wider society?  This course traces how this relational theme runs through the whole Bible and God’s entire kingdom, and offers a Bible-based model to help us understand and improve all our relationships.

This intensive course is geared to help us both understand and apply the Bible’s deeply relational theme:


  • Tracing redemption history from creation through Israel’s history to Christ.
  • How the Bible stories fit together into one big story of God’s Relational Kingdom.
  • Looking especially at Abraham, the exodus, the kings, the prophets, the exile and Christ.


  • Exploring what “love God, love neighbour” can practically look like.
  • Application to the home, church, workplace and wider society.
  • Unpacking the five dimensions of “Relational Proximity”.


Course Cost

R600 per term (R300 if unwaged). Some bursaries are available to those in need. Please contact RUC if you would like to apply. Payment can be made directly to JBC.


Event Details

This event finished on 28 May 2018