Taking Communion at Home

We are live in an unprecedented time in the history of the Church. Ordinarily, on Good Friday, tens of thousands of churches representing millions of people would be remembering the death of Jesus through the sacrament of Holy Communion. Now, in 2020, most of these churches will be empty.

Pastoral Moment

https://youtu.be/9mI-n7rd2Sk Dear Rosebank Union Church, This morning we all work up to the reality of a completely new way of living. Last night as I listened to the president speak I was deeply moved by the concern shown for our fellow…

The Way Forward

https://vimeo.com/398213087 Dear Rosebank Union Church, On Sunday I experienced the joy and privilege of being inducted at RUC. It was indeed a very special day for us, but in some ways, I was more looking forward to our first ‘normal’…

I have spoken

One of the TV shows that has been causing a stir recently is the Disney+ series called “The Mandalorian”. It’s a spin-off of the Star Wars movies and tells the story of a bounty hunter who becomes personally attached to an asset he is…

Go Team!

What makes a great team? A successful team is one where everyone’s unique skills and strengths help the team achieve a shared goal in the most effective way.

Carols by Glowstick 2019

Photo gallery of our annual Carols by Glowstick event.

SGM Feedback

At the SGM on Wednesday 13th November, the church members agreed on four important decisions affecting the church for 2020 and beyond:

Missions Committee in Turkey

One of our core values as a church is our involvement in global missions most especially to unreached people groups. Paul writes in Romans that everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved, but then questions, “How, then, can…

Rays of Hope Camps

Thank you for your life-changing camps!  For many children who have grown up in Alexandra township the chance for a weekend getaway is a dream they wish to see come true.  Rays of Hope, our outreach ministry partnering with…

Farewell to Pastor Dennis Beeselaar

Dennis and Jackie Beeselaar left their beloved Cape in 2006 to come and serve the Lord at RUC and we have been blessed by their ministry for thirteen years. They have both poured their hearts into the lives of many people at RUC and they are…

God's Hand Upon Us

About 500 years ago, Michel de Montaigne said: “My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened.” A recent study has shown that 85% of what we worry about never happens! I think back on some of the fears we…