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“Hold Out the Word of Life”

American evangelist Billy Graham died on Wednesday 21 February at the age of 99. Ever since I came to know Christ at the age of nine, Billy Graham has held a special place in my heart, as he has in the hearts of millions of others all over the globe who believe the Bible and […]

Just Keep Starting Over!

Most well taught Christians recognize that having a regular time of Bible reading and prayer is absolutely vital for their spiritual growth. The challenge is making it happen. Most of us are by nature undisciplined and since we live busy lives filled with multiple obligations and distractions God is the One who most often gets […]

Mystery: The Miracle of the Incarnation at Christmas

For me, one of the most staggering truths in the universe is the fact that at a point in history “God appeared in a body” (1 Timothy 3:16). The baby born in the stable in Bethlehem was God. Mary held God! Think about it! Amazing! No wonder Paul exclaimed, “Beyond all question, the mystery of […]

How do you thank God for the Bible?

The first of the five solas of the Protestant Reformation is Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone). Although, when we study the history of the Reformation, we rightly pay tribute to the men who were particularly used by God in bringing about that monumental shift in the church that has cascaded down the last 500 years changing […]

Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

On 31 October 1517 a 33-year old university professor by the name of Martin Luther nailed a series of theological propositions and arguments (that came to be called The Ninety-Five Theses) to the doors of the church in the small city of Wittenberg in Saxony, eastern Germany where he lived. “In doing so, he was […]

Joy in the Morning

After nearly six years of “weeping”, there was “joy in the morning” at Rosebank Union Church on Sunday 20 August when Stephen McGown and his wife Catherine stepped to the front of the church. Stephen was kidnapped by Al Queda in Mali on 25 November 2011 and was held by them in the remote Sahara […]

What’s Your Story?

Next to our bed (and obviously our stove and fridge) the most important piece of furniture in our home is our dining room table. Shortly after our marriage, nearly 40 years ago, Irene and I purchased a round dining room table that seats eight – nine at a squeeze. It was the best money we’ve […]

As Each Part Does Its Work

One of the most profound and instructive images of the church in the New Testament is that of the “body.” The church is likened to a body – one body made up of many parts, with each part having a specific function designed to contribute to the health and growth of the body (as each […]

Vision 2017 & You!

In early September last year, the pastoral team spent a week thinking and praying about our hopes and dreams for 2017. This was followed by interaction with the Ministry Leaders, the Elders. At our final Church Council meeting in November, we together affirmed our commitment to work and pray for God’s mercy in four specific […]

Fees Must What?

The chaos on many of our university campuses in response to the announcement by the Minister that tertiary education will not be free next year, and that instead there will be increases of no more…