Following the SLC (Spiritual Life Conference) with the SIM missionaries from Southern Sudan, Irene and I enjoyed four dream-days at a game lodge on the Maasai Mara. The luxurious lodge, half-hidden in thick bush, overlooking the vast plains teeming with game afforded us the experience of a life-time.

However, we were surprised by another, greater joy on our first night at the lodge. As we ate our meal the staff paraded in singing and dancing to welcome us. But it was their final song that took our breath away. Over and over again they unashamedly sang:

When you come to Jesus, come to Jesus
You never remain the same when you come to Jesus

They got the guests up to sing it with them—some rather awkwardly!

I had been introduced as ‘Reverend Robinson’—something I generally don’t like at all—but it resulted in several of the lodge staff introducing themselves as followers of Jesus and telling us about what God is doing to extend his kingdom among the staff at the lodge and in the local community. With radiant faces, and full of excitement, they shared about their church that had been built for them by ‘the company,’ about regular services and prayer meetings, about joint services held with believers from other lodges in the vicinity, and about their attempts to reach people for Christ.

A couple of the leaders invited Irene and me to visit the church and we enjoyed the privilege of praying together with them.

Inspired by their witness, we grasped several opportunities to share the gospel with people we encountered. In fact just last night at a bush dinner under a full moon we sat with our ranger and spoke to him about Jesus. 

As we wing our way home to Jo’burg we are thankful for seeing in these Kenyan believers one of the finest examples of Faith@Work we could ever hope to see.

Faith in Jesus is alive and growing on the Maasai Mara!