Go HD in 2010!I spotted this DStv ad while driving on Sandton Drive early in February. Ok, let me declare upfront, I have no shares in DStv nor do I have any family member working there! The ad promised subscr ibers two new High Definition channels in 2010. Why get excited about HDTV? Well, HD is about clarity and quality of both picture and sound, and the applied technology makes television clear and defined. The quality of the pixel resolution is substantially higher than traditional TV systems.

So, I asked myself, “What would happen if each one of us looked at Christian living through the lens of high definition and lived our lives accordingly in 2010 and beyond?” Imagine a lifestyle established on godly and sound principles. In Deuteronomy 6:4-9,13 I marked four words that spell high definition living, i.e. Hear, Love, Teach and Fear:

  • Hear the truth continually – the more we hear the truth about God and his plan and purpose for us the more our lives will be uncluttered. In our busy lives we are not hard of hearing but hard of listening. Check the time you spend alone in the Word, in fellowship with others and in public worship.
  • Love the Lord fervently – this is about our total devotion to God and our whole being caught up in him. It is about guarding against anything that would cause our love to grow cold. Loving him this way will enable us to love and serve others.
  • Communicate diligently – the teaching and communication is done in the context of everyday life. This is being missional and intentional. The mission field is wide open for us, be aware of opportunities God brings your way and be ready to share whenever appropriate.
  • Fear God greatly – this is not a frightened fear but a deep and awesome respect for the living God. Fear the results of a disobedient lifestyle. Fear the consequences of walking against his will. And may that fear restrain us from presumption and pride.

I urge you therefore, to go for “High Definition” living in the power of our God…

Missionally yours,
Pastor Ndaba Mazabane