Our nations are in crisis and our world is in turmoil and what can we do? A normal quick answer and often glibly uttered is: Pray! I have a confession to make – I wake up some mornings with a feeling of helplessness and weakness to pray especially when I hear and read about what is happening around me. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe that our God is sovereign and in control of every situation and that nothing escapes his attention. I find that my helplessness drives me crazy and sometimes wish I had a magic wand I could use to change things and make the world a better place for all. And yet, it is my very helplessness that drives me to my knees, to earnestly pray and seek God’s intervention.

Operation WorldThe recent political and socio-economic upheavals dominating North Africa and the Middle East have been a great test for my intercessory prayer life. I can choose to be influenced by media coverage and social commentaries or I can look out for helpful tools to assist me to pray relevantly and intelligently for such nations. So, where does one go for such help? Thank God for Jason Mandryk and his team for producing Operation World – The Definitive Prayer Guide for Every Nations, 2010 and Biblica for publishing this 7th edition. This Prayer Guide is the most important prayer tool next to your Bible! I first bought Operation Word payer guide in 1979 and have used subsequent updated editions to enhance my prayer for the nations. I highly recommend this wonderful tool and I strongly believe it will revolutionise your prayer life and give you insights about nations you are praying for. Holding the Operation World book in my hands every morning is like holding the whole world in my hands – what an awesome responsibility! I encourage every believer to secure a copy of this guide and pray for the nations without ceasing.



Specially discounted copies of Operation World are available from the church bookshop for R150 (cash only – while stocks last)