TimeLive, an online newspaper, is currently polling people to see how many think the world will end on the 21 December 2012. The prediction of the end of the world is an old pastime. For many years now we have never run short of seers and soothsayers, prophets and peddlers who speculate and manipulate the ignorant and naïve populace. And yet these predictions will ever remain a futile exercise. Ask Harold Camping and his crew, they held the view that the world will end on the 21 May 2012 and when this failed he revised the date to 21 October. Brother Camping has since apologies for this senseless and irresponsible act and he has asked for forgiveness for his folly.

The renewed interest in subject is brought about by the old age Mayan calendar, which firmly place the end of the world on the 21 December, at 11:11 UCT. As a Bible believing Christian, I completely dismiss this prediction and remind all the readers that Scriptures warn against this kind of deceptions and prediction. I would like to raise the following principles as guides to discussing things eschatological:

  1. The world will come to the end – it can happen today or tomorrow or on the 21 December. If it happens on the 21 December, it will not be because it was predicted by the Mayan Calendar.
  2. No one knows the minute, the hour, the day or the year when this will happen. Only God knows the timetable.
  3. We have enough in the Bible to know that certain things must happen before the world comes to an end. This does not suggest complacency and lethargy.
  4. We need to live as though the end is nigh. The early church believers are a good example for us and we must emulate them.
  5. We need to be ready, prepared and live in hope daily. If you are a believer, heed the word of the Apostle John – “all who have this hope in them, purify themselves.” But, if you are not a believer, this day is going to be a terrible one for you. The best way to prepare yourself is to be sure that you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour and that you are his disciple. If you are interested to do so and you are not sure how, please contact us – we will help you!