The future ain’t what it used to be!

Are the children, youth and young adults of RUC the church of the future? Are the ministries of RUC that cater for these age groups preparing them to play a key role at some stage in the future? If we don’t prepare for the future in the church, there will be no future church!

But what if this thinking is completely wrong?

Should we not see the children, youth and young adults not as the church of the future but rather as the church of today! Should we not be constantly creating space in the life of the church to allow these folks to provide leadership, energy and direction? Are they not right now a key aspect of our church?

There is good reason to believe, both from a Biblical and historical perspective that many, if not most of the disciples, were still in their teen years. Jesus believed enough in these young people to not only spend time teaching and discipling them, but also give them vital opportunities for service and ministry.

As a church, may we constantly be finding ways to allow our youth to lead us.