Holiday Club for the kids:

The Mission 28:19 Holiday Club !  We had a church filled with hundreds of children learning who Jesus is, what He did for us and what we should do for Him.  The week was packed with learning through fun games, crafts and activities and the kids have met our superhero guest speakers who shared their testimonies and how they are living their lives for Jesus in response to His call on their lives.

Mission 28:19 was led by an incredible group of over 70 teens who worked day and night to prepare for and lead the kids through the week.  We’ve seen the start of new friendships, wonderful discipleship and lots of fun!

Thank you to each and every person who contributed to the success of our holiday club programme.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the support in donations, helpers during the week and prayers.  A very special thank you to Nicola Winson for writing the programme for the kids and leaders.

We are so thankful for each child who attended, each leader who shared Jesus with the kids and for God’s work in the lives of each person involved in Holiday Club 2018.

by Donna Gray

Holiday Club for the leaders

Holiday Club 2018 has completely blown us away! Our record number of 70 leaders did a sterling job this year and served with great enthusiasm to ensure that Holiday Club was a huge success. There has been a wonderful sense of unity amongst the team and we feel extremely privileged to have worked with all of them. Well done guys and girls!

We are incredibly grateful to God for the work He has done in the lives of the leaders and children this year and we have certainly seen the effect of prayer throughout the week. As it so often is, our Wednesday Night Worship was a real highlight. There was a sense of freedom and joy as we worshipped God with one mind and heart. Holiday Club also gave us a fresh glimpse of the calibre of our youth and we have no doubt that God is raising up leaders who will make a significant impact for Christ in the future.

Please continue to pray for a ripple effect into areas where kids and teens live, learn and play. Pray that the Gospel advances and that the seeds planted bear much fruit.

by Dave Myburgh


Mozambique Team

The month of April was an exciting one as we sent a team to Xai Xai, Mozambique to visit Mark and Les Harper. We were excited at the prospect visiting a new place and being exposed to a new culture and completely different way of life. Our team had the opportunity to buy local food in the market, build a storeroom for bibles, build furniture for a local church, build beds for orphans, run a 3 day holiday club and pray and minister to residents at an old age home. We are so grateful to all who supported us financially and through prayer and we praise God for doing a deep work in the hearts of our team members through the experience. We trust that seeds were sown in Xai Xai and that God will cause them to grow in His time. Here are what some of our team members had to say about their experience:

Jeannie and Anthony Gebhardt

“Before we left for Mozambique, we were keen to get involved in “mission-in-action”; and we were concerned about (a) travelling safety for the team, (b) dealing with border-crossing procedures and cops, and (c) mozzies. Now that we’re back, our perspective has shifted; and we thank God for a safe and successful trip minus malaria; but more importantly, we have seen God’s grace through:

Exposure to the work of Les and Mark Harper

Their determination to make a difference in the lives of the folk whom they serve was truly astounding. They are really driven to “be Jesus” to each person, and it shows in every move that God makes through them; and

The RUC team

We learned that we have underestimated the sheer joy, capability and leadership skill of each member of the team that God has blessed us with at RUC. As a Church, we need to work at being as diligent as the Harpers in applying the spectacular skills that God has made available to us at Rosebank to the field of needy people that we serve.”

Khensani Khoza

“The highlights of the trip for me were embracing the beautiful environment around me, sharing the Gospel with elderly and seeing their immense gratitude, and bonding with members of the team through various activities like car rides and construction. The worship night was a also a highlight for me.”

The future ain’t what it used to be!

Are the children, youth and young adults of RUC the church of the future? Are the ministries of RUC that cater for these age groups preparing them to play a key role at some stage in the future? If we don’t prepare for the future in the church, there will be no future church!

But what if this thinking is completely wrong?

Should we not see the children, youth and young adults not as the church of the future but rather as the church of today! Should we not be constantly creating space in the life of the church to allow these folks to provide leadership, energy and direction? Are they not right now a key aspect of our church?

There is good reason to believe, both from a Biblical and historical perspective that many, if not most of the disciples, were still in their teen years. Jesus believed enough in these young people to not only spend time teaching and discipling them, but also give them vital opportunities for service and ministry.

As a church, may we constantly be finding ways to allow our youth to lead us.

The Youth Ministry is currently looking for students/young adults/ young married couples/ parents who love God and have a passion to see teenagers come to faith and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We are looking for peole who are willing to walk a journey with one or more of our teenagers by pouring time, energy, and godly wisdom into their lives. There are a variety of opportunities in which to serve. If you are interested contact Warren Diamandis at the church and we can discuss the various options and see if there is a fit between what we are looking for and what you want to get involved in.

God bless you indeed!!